Steel Welding / Fabrication works

Product Category

Pitrukrupa Engineering brand name is famous in manufacturer and supplier of high precision CNC machining works.

Taking forward to current business portfolio now Pitrukrupa has started welding/fabrication works which offers a comprehensive and competitive service of welding/fabrication to general industry within India and Worldwide. Aspects of the service we offer includes Fabrication of heavy plate, vessels, tanks, pipe-work, Structural fabrication made of Mild steel, alloy and sheet-metal work.

  • Our plant has all the available machines and equipment, which is necessary in welding works and fabricating steel structures in the soonest possible time. In addition to our engineering and machines capability, the company is also maintaining a Quality Assurance Program to avoid production errors and to ensure the quality of its delivered products.
  • Pitrukrupa is able to weld/fabricate different jobs/structure using approved WPS, PQR & WPQ for different types of steel structures such as buildings, warehouses, pipe racks, pipe/cable bridges, platform, equipment support and others which can be used for commercial, industrial, petro-chemical and any other purposes. Our company is very flexible in providing the needs of our different clients.
  • Site Location – Ahmedabad, India to all over the worlds.
  • Type of processes – SMAW, TIG, MIG, GTAW
  • Post Processes – NDT, PWHT, Blasting, Painting etc.
Features & other Details
  • Welding as per approved WPS, PQR, WPQ.
  • Laser cutting & Bending service.
  • Sheetmetal cutting, punching and folding.
  • NDT methods like LPT, MPT, UT & RT
  • Have a highly skilled, passionate, professional and dedicated workforce.