CNC HMC ( Horizontal Machining Center ) Services

Product Category

We are a professional company engaged in the manufacture and supply of CNC HMC machined parts. The best machines and professionals are incorporated in the team to design and produce products that deliver maximum customer satisfaction and are reliable and durable. We understand that the accuracy of these products determines the accuracy of the parts and components manufactured with them thus, all products are accurate and smooth finished. We export machined components and CNC machining Parts USA , UK , UAE , Australia , Canada , Italy , France , Japan And Germany.

Product Detail
Material : All metallic, Non-metallic like UHMW, PTFE, Alloy, Non-Alloy Steel, Casting , Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum 6061, 6063, 5083, LM6 etc.
Site Location : Ahmedabad, India to all over the worlds.
Manufacturing Processes : CNC HMC (Horizontal Machining).
Post Processes : Nickel Plating, Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Hardening, Passivation, Chrome Plating, Aluminum Anodizing, Painting etc.
Packing : Packed in wooden/corrugated boxes with plastic bubble wrap & stretchy roll each part.
Features & Other Details
  • Precise parts improve the service life of Machine
  • Executed with all advance Tools
  • Dimensional Accuracy
  • Ready to install
  • Fast Delivery