We work very hard to create a culture that says never yield to excuses. With our ISO 9001-2015 Quality system, you can keep complete trust over your order. We provide a complete independent and documented physical and function inspection process to verify that prescribed production method have produced an acceptable item as specified by engineering drawing ,planning ,purchase order, engineering specifications and /or other applicable design or inspection documents. We maintain material traceability with its heat number/cast number along with our own serial numbers from raw material stage to finished products.

To server better we have facility for inspection & testing which enable us to provide superior quality parts. Our facility has all kind of measuring instruments, 2D motorized height gauge, CMM. Apart from this we also supply parts with customer required additional tastings like Chemical Testing, Physical Testing (Tensile Test, Yield Test, % of Elongation, % Reduction of area), Hardness Testing & NDT Tastings (MPT-Magnetic Particle Testing, LPT-Liquid Penetrant Testing, UT-Ultrasonic Testing, RT- Radiography Testing)